Concept コンセプト

A Goal of Gondola is to create an impressed space resonating with users’ mind

Construct relationship with various people to create a sustainable toilet

The philosophy of Comfortable Toilet by GONDOLA

What we are aiming at is to create a place for individuals from diverse social groups to refresh in comfort.
The public toilet?the space in which the toilet is found?
is a valuable place that is both a comfortable place for the physiological function of excretion
and a reprieve from the busy and cumbersome society.
Using a modern public toilet designed for social affluence can create feelings of security and relaxation.
In Japan, the toilet was once called the 4K’s: Kitanai (汚い; dirty), Kurai (暗い; dark), Kusai (臭い; stinky), Kowai (怖い; scary).
However, it has become comfortable thorough drastic improvements during the past 20 years.
However, there are still many remaining questions
and challenges to fulfil for the toilet to become a mature product.
What is an ultimate style of the public toilet?
Is it designed with comfort for everyone? Can it maintain the comfort it offers?
s, public facilities, and parks?
More than ever, we would like to continue our aim to create public toilets
and toilet spaces that will be approved by everyone.
We would like to realize this not only in the design of public toilets
and spaces but also in various public-serving architectural design projects.


Design Flow

Design Flow

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