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When such situation, please contact us by phone.
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Personal information treatment (privacy policy)

This company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, establish policies for the protection of the information, and make efforts to properly protect the information.
This company will stipulate and implement the following principles regarding education / training, audit etc. as a means to give basic principles, management methods and effectiveness concerning collection and use of personal information.。

Basic Principles on Collection, Use and Provision of the Personal Information
  1. When collecting personal information directly, this company will do it by obtaining legal and fair means, with person’s consent.
  2. When collecting, clarify purpose of use and keep within the necessary range for that purpose.
  3. Sensitive information likely to infringe personal interests will not be collected unless there is a clear agreement of the individual or when there is evidence of laws and regulations.
  4. When the company entrusts consignment work involving the processing of personal information from outside or entrusts it to the outside, the company will prescribe the secrecy concerning personal information, matters concerning re-entrustment, responsibility sharing at the time of accident, return and erase of personal information at the end of contract.。
  5. Personal information will be used and provided within the consent of the person.
Administration of personal information
  1. This company will take measures to keep personal information gathered when collected or collected at consignment work from the outside, and keep in an accurate state, prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, etc.
  2. In the case of consigning work involving the processing of personal information from the outside, when the consignor obtains personal information, it confirms that it is collected by lawful and fair means with the consent of the person.
Laws and other norms

This company will comply with Japanese laws and other norms related to the protection of personal information and strive to continuously improve this policy.

Personal Inquiry

This company will respond promptly to inquiries concerning the personal information. The questions about Basic Principles and confirmation the personal information, please contact and call 03-5805-3556 directly.

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